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  Pair of 19th century dutch silver candle sticks   Italian creche figure
circa 1800
  19th century creche figure   Needs Description
      Folk Bust  
Grand Tour Vases
  Pair of carved wood painted Chinese figures with gilt and real hair   Needs Description   Folk Buat -
Needs Description
  pair of bronze and
blown glass,
signed G. Sommer,
Napoli, 19 c.
  Sienna marble inkstand with bronze bust of Napoleon   Vintage salts and peppers and rare syrup   Ancient copper vessel
with mask decoration
  Paris Porclin
Center bowl, hand-painted, 19 c.


  Glasses -
 Needs Description
  3 pieces majolica, 2 plates and 1 compote
  mixed metals 1
needs description

19th century painted spelter newsboy, signed

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